Shovel and Island Lake Ecosystem Restoration Plan

This project is developing an Ecosystem Restoration Plan (ERP) for the 2018 Shovel and Island Lk Wildfire to ensure that future restoration programming in the fire area promote appropriate ecosystem function, stability, and resiliency and the enhancement of related values.
The project assessed multiple values and objectives including wildfire mitigation, biodiversity, climate change preparedness, and other ecosystem and timber values. The project assessed multiple values to identify those ecosystem components that required active management intervention and treatment to ensure a holistic approach to ecosystem restoration. The Shovel Lake/Island Lake Wildfire Ecosystem Restoration Plan reflects a collaborative and integrated approach to wildfire restoration that includes timber and other biophysical values that exist within the fire area. The focus of this project to create and where possible, implement, a set of shelf-ready treatment options in collaboration with a range of other program areas and objectives.