Tweedsmuir Lichen Restoration Tactical Implementation Plan

A tactical plan is being developed to guide operational scale restoration of the low elevation winter range of the Tweedsmuir-Entiako caribou herd burned by the 2014 Chelaslie Wildfire. In 2017, an operational trial explored lichen seeding as a restoration treatment with the intent of accelerating lichen colonization and growth post wildfire. Accelerated recovery of spatially distributed patches of restored habitat within critical low elevation core winter range will benefit the herd by acting as source populations for incremental lichen recovery and enhanced habitat options for predator avoidance. Initial monitoring results demonstrated that manual and aerial seeding of lichen fragments onto xeric to submesic sites is an effective means of reintroducing lichen to a burned landscape. The next phase of this project in 2019 involves scaling up the trial by seeding lichen to select habitats at a broader scale. The plan identifies the operational activities required for broad-scale implementation.