SERN AGM Minutes

May 17, 2016 AGM

May 8, 2015 AGM

May 14, 2014 AGM

SERN Literature and Reports

Smart, B. 2016. SERNBC Ecosystem Restoration Project Selection Process Development Workshop. Forsite Consultants Ltd. 4p.
Download Pdf

Herkes, J. 2016. Society for Ecosystem Restoration in North Central BC (SERNbc) First Nations Collaboration: Final Report. Ecofor. 12p.
Download Pdf

Kaffanke, T.. 2015. Report on Sutherland Grassland (Tl'o 'anun) Reconnaissance. 19p.
Download Pdf 2.5MB

SERN 2013. Ecosystem Restoration Treatment Prescription. Euchiniko Lakes Sidehills. 10p.
Download 2.5MB

Strategic Plan - 2014
Download 2.0MB

The Vanderhoof Ecosystem Restoration Strategic Plan
Download 2.5MB

Tactical Plan: Whitebark Pine in the Omineca Region - Final Draft
Download 7.3MB

Tactical Plan: Whitebark Pine in the Omineca Region - March 2013
Download 7.4MB

Whitebark Pine Restoration Plan for Mount Robson Provincial Park 2015
Download 2.2MB

Promoting Whitebark Pine Recovery in British Columbia.
Download 5.2MB

Assisted Migration of Douglas-Fir in the Omineca Region
Download 685KB

Reports Related to SERN Project Areas

Prince George Blackwater - UWR

Albertson, O. 2014. Blackwater River Ungulate Winter Range. 90p
Download Pdf 73.1MB

Cunningham Lake

Sulyma, R. 2008. Cunningham Lake prescribed burn site (east end): vegetation/burn
effectiveness monitoring. Wildlife Infometrics Inc. Report No. 306. Wildlife Infometrics
Inc., Mackenzie, British Columbia, Canada.
Download 1.5MB


Ecofor Consulting. 2016. Euchiniko Sidehills and Grizzly Valley 2015 Vegetation Monitoring Summary. 25p.
Download 5.2MB

Simonar, K. and Migabo, S. 2004. Rangeland Management Recommendations for Euchiniko Sidehills Proposed Sensitive Area. 28p.
Download 23.26MB

Gaius Point

Gaius Point UplandsUWR Fuel Management Treatment: Photo Inventory
Download 9MB

Laidman Lake

Laidman UWR Burn Plan 2009
Download PDF <1MB
Download Powerpoint 5.5MB

Mt. Horetzky

Haeussler, S. 2015. Prescribed burning of logging slash for ecological restoration of berries and grizzly bear forage near Mt. Horetzky. 37p
Download Pdf 2.0MB

Ruby Rock

Blackwell, B. and Steele, F. 2003. Rubyrock Ecosystem Management Plan- Final. 51p
Download 14.94MB

Sulyma, R. 2008. Prescribed Burn Assesment, Cunningham Lake Prescribed Burn Site (east end): Vegetation/Burn Effectiveness Monitoring Wildlife Infometrics Inc. 14p
Download 1.15MB

Sulyma, R. 2010. Ruby Rock Provincial Park Vegetation Monitoring Project Results and Summary. 313p
Download 24.8MB

Rubyrock Plots (Corresponding Map)
Download Map 6.84MB

Savory Ridge

Savory Ridge UWR. Powerpoint Presentation
Download PDF 14MB
Powerpoint 10MB

Shallow Water Wetlands

Kaffanke, T. 2016. Improving the prospects for shallow water wetlands through upland vegetation management in the Stuart Nechako Resource District. 13p
Download PDF 1MB

Stuart River

Albertson, O. 2009. Stuart River Prescribed Burn Monitoring Report. 35p
Download 4.0MB

Sutherland Creek

Kaffanke, T.. 2015. Report on Sutherland Grassland (Tl'o 'anun) Reconnaissance. 19p
Download Pdf 2.5MB


Addtional Related Literature

Berry Management

Burton, P. J. Managing for wild berries. Pacific Forestyr Centre, Canadian Forest Service.
Download <1MB

Burton, P., C. Burton, and L. McCulloch. 2000. Exploring options for the management of wild berries in the Kispiox Forest District: phase one of a pilot project focusing on the Suskwa River area. Symios Research & Restoration. Smithers, BC.
Download <1MB

Duchesne, L. C., and S. Wetzel. 2004. Effect of fire intensity and depth of burn on Lowbush Blueberry, Vaccinium angustifolium, and Velvet Leaf Blueberry, Vaccinium myrtilloides, production in eastern Ontario. Canadian Field-Naturalist 118(2): 195-200.
Download <1MB

Keefer, M. Understanding huckleberry ecology to assist in restoring huckleberry habitat. Powerpoint presentation.
Download 3MB

Moola, F. M., adn A.U. Mallik. 1998. Morphological plasticity and regeneration strategies of velvet leaf blueberry (Vaccinium myrtilloides Michx.) following canopy disturbance in boreal mixedwood forests. Forest Ecology and Management. 111: 35-50.
Download 4MB

Climate Change

ClimateBC -  extracts and downscales monthly weather data for the reference period (1961-1990), and calculates seasonal and annual climate variables for specific locations based on latitude, longitude and elevation (optional) for British Columbia, Yukon Territories, the Alaska Panhandle, and part of Alberta and the US. This program also downscales and integrates historical (1901-2002) (Mitchell and Jones 2005) and future climate datasets (2020s, 2050s and 2080s) generated by various global circulation models. The output includes both directly calculated and derived climate variables. Methodologies are described in Wang et al. (2006) and Hamann and Wang (2005).

The Future Forest Ecosystems Initiative – a government initiative to adapt British Columbia's forest and range management framework so that it continues to maintain and enhance the resilience and productivity of B.C.'s ecosystems as climate changes.

Adapting British Columbia's Forest Pracitices for a changing climate: FRPA Policy Assessment Workshop 'as it was heard' report. 2011.
Download <1MB

BC’s Climate change and fire management research strategy.
Link to Report

Bunnell, F.L., L.L. Kremsater, and R.W. Wells. 2011. Global weirding in British Columbia: Climate change and the habitat of terrestrial vertebrates. BC Journal of Ecosystems and Management 12(2):21–38.
Download 1.5MB

Griesbauer, H.P. and D.S. Green. 2010. Assessing the climatic sensitivty of Douglas-fire at its northern range margins in British Columbia, Canada.
Download 3MB

Halofsky, J.E., D.L. Peterson, M.J. Furniss, L.A. Joyce, C.I. Millar, and R.P. Neilson. Adapting Natural Resource Management to Climate Change: useful concepts and tactical approaches.
Download <1MB

Holt, R. F., and T. Hatfield. 2007. Key elecments of biodiversity in British Columbia: some examples from the terrestrial and freshwater aquatic realm. Prepared for Conservation Planning Tools Commitee.
Download <1MB

Joyce, L.A. Adaption options for climate-senstive ecosystems and resources. US Climate Change Science Program.
Download 1.5MB

Resilience and climate change: adaption potential for ecological systems and forest managment in the West Kootenays. 2010. Technical Working Paper Draft.
Download 3MB

Spittlehouse, D.L. 2008. Climate Change, impacts, and adaptation scenarios: climate change and forest and range management in British Columbia. B.C. Min. For. Range, Res. Br., Victoria, B.C. Tech. Rep. 045.
Download 1.5MB

Utzig, G.F., J. Boulanger, and R.F. Holt. 2011. Climate change and area burned: rojections for the West Kootneys. Prepared by Kutenai Nature Investigations Ltd.
Download 1.5MB

Cumulative Effects

Cumulative effects in BC - A Forest Practices Board cumulative effects assessment case study for the Kiskatinaw River watershed near Dawson Creek, BC (an area of some 2800 km2) looking specifically at effects of resource development on drinking water, soil and caribou habitat.
Link to Report

Cumulative Impacts of Natural Resource Development on Ecosystems and Wildlife
Link to Report

Ecosystem Restoration

Blueprint for Action. 2006. Fire-maintained ecosystem restoration in BC's Rocky Mountain Trench. Rocky Mountain Trench Ecosystem Restoration Steering Commitee.
Download 3MB

Blueprint for Action. 2006-2009. Supplement to Blueprint for Action 2006. Rocky Mountain Trench Ecosystem Restoration Steering Commitee.
Download <1MB

Burton, C. and Burton, P. 2003. A Manual for Growing and Using Seed from Herbaceous Plants Native to the Northern Interior of BC. 178p
Download 4.41MB

Campbell, E.M., S.C. Saunders, K.D. Coates, D.V. Meidinger, A. MacKinnon, G.A. O'Neill, D.J. MacKillop, S.C. DeLong, and D.G. Morgan. 2009. Ecological resilience and complexity: a theoretical framework for understanding and managing British Columbia’s forest ecosystems in a changing climate. B.C. Min. For. Range, For. Sci. Prog., Victoria, B.C. Tech. Rep. 055.
Link to Report

Cariboo-Chiloctin ecosystem restoration plan: glassland benchmark. Prepared by Blackwell & Associates. 2007.
Download 4MB

Clewell, A.., Rieger, J. and Munro, J. 2005. Society for Ecological Restoration International Guidelines for Developing and Managing Ecological Restoration Projects, 2nd Edition. 16p
Download 109KB

Drechsler, M., Eppink, F.V. & Wätzold, F. (2011). Does proactive biodiversity conservation save costs? Biodiversity Conservation. 20:1045-1055.
Download <1MB

Douglas-fir management guidelines for the Prince George Forest Region. 2001. Ministry of Forests.
Download <1MB

Douglas, T. Ecological Restoration Guidelines For British Columbia. 84p
Download 4.62MB

Douglas, T. Integrating Ecosystem Restoration Into Forest Management Practical Examples for Foresters. 38p
Download 1.6MB

Ecological restoration guidelines for British Columbia.
Download 4.5MB

Ecosystem restoration: planning and prioritizing, Cascade Forest District. Prepared by Blackwell & Associates. 2008.
Download 5.5MB

Forest carbon management and ecosystem resilience.
Link to Report

Gagne, J. et al. 2006. Northern Interior Strategic Regional Restoration Plan. 70p
Download 549KB

Gayton, D. 2001. Ground Work Basic Concepts of Ecological Restoration in British Columbia. 32p
Download 905KB

Goddard, A. 2011. Peace-Liard burn program: five-year burn plan 2012-2017. Ministry of Forests, Lands & Natural Resource Operations.
Download 5MB

Harris, B.J.R.2010. Five Year Plan 2010-2015, natural disturbance type-4: Ecosystem Restoration Program Rocky Mountain Trench. 2010. Prepared for Rockey Mountain Forest District.
Download 1.5MB

Hilderbrand, R. H., A. C. Watts, and A. M. Randle 2005. The myths of restoration ecology. Ecology and Society 10(1): 19.
Download <1MB

Holt, R. 2001. Strategic Ecological Restoration Assessment (SERA) of the Prince George Forest Region Results of a Workshop. 16p
Download 683KB

Jordan, P. et al 2008. Post-Wildfire Soil Erosion, Flood, and Landslide Risks Wildland Urban Interface Symposium 2008, Penticton. 59p
Download 7.84MB

McCormack, J. 2014. Assisted Migration of Douglas-Fir in the Omineca Region. Contract # ER14DVA-005 & 22000 20 SERN2013-6. 23p.
Download 685KB

Machmer, M. and Steeger, C. 2002. Effectiveness Monitoring Guidlinesfor EcosystemRestoration Final Report. 22p.
Download 257KB

Walker, B., C. S. Holling, S. R. Carpenter, and A. Kinzig. 2004. Resilience, adaptability and transformability in social–ecological systems. Ecology and Society 9(2): 5.
Link to Report

Walker, B., and J. A. Meyers. 2004. Thresholds in ecological and social-ecological systems: a developing database. Ecology and Society 9:3.
Link to Report

Principles and Guidelines for Ecological Restoration in Canada’s Protected Natural Areas
Link to Report

Resilience and Climate Change (West Kootenay Alliance) documents
Link to Report

RIC. 1998. Species Inventory Fundamentals: Standards for components of British Columbia's Biodiversity No. 1. 1998. Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks Resources Inventory Branch.
Download <1MB

Strategic plan for the use of prescribed fire to restore ecosystems in the Okanagan region. Blackwell & Associates and Gray Consulting 2006.
Download <1MB

Stuart River Provincial Park 2016 Vegetation Monitoring Summary. 2017. Prepared by Ecofor Consulting Ltd.
Download 4MB

Wildlife species characteristics and habitats.
Link to Report

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Fire Fuel Management

Assessment of potential wildlife impacts: mid-term timber supply. 2012. Province of British Columbia.
Download <1MB

BC Wildland fire management strategy. 2010.
Download 6.5MB

British Columbia wildland urban interface fire consequence management plan. 2008. Ministry of Forests & Range/Protection Branch.
Download <1MB

de Groot, A., and S Haeussler. 2016. Red Hills prescribed fire: eight year post-burn vegetation monitoring. For SERNbc.
Download 2.3MB

Daigle. P. 2010. Fire-resilient landscapes. BC Ministry of Environment, Ecosystems Protectin and Sustainability Branch.
Download <1MB and Download <1MB

Ecologically based decision matrix for determing response to fire in the Northern Interior Forest Region.
Download <1MB

Fowler,J.F., C. Hull Sieg, and L.L. Wadleigh. 2010. Effectiveness of Litter Removal to Prevent Cambial Kill-Caused Mortality in Northern Arizona Ponderosa Pine. Forest Science 56(2) 2010.
Download <1MB

Hall, E. 2010. Maintaining Fire in British Columbia's ecosystems: an ecological perspective. Ministry of Forests and Range.
Download <1MB

Hanson, C. 2010. The myth of "catasrophic" wildfire: a new ecological paradigm of forest health. John Muir Project Technical Report.
Download 2.15MB

Hood, S. M. In Press. Retaining old trees when reintroducing fire into long-unburned forests that historically burned frequently. Gen. Tech. Rep. RMRS-GTR-XXX, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station, Fort Collins, CO p. xx.
Download 4MB

Hood, S, B. Bentz, K. Gibson, K. Ryan, and G. DeNitto. 2007. Assessing
post-fire Douglas-fir mortality and Douglas-fir beetle attacks in the northern Rocky
Mountains. Gen. Tech. Rep. RMRS-GTR-199. Fort Collins, CO: U.S. Department of
Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station. 31 p. Includes Supplement.
Download 2.5MB

Hood, S.M., B. Bentz, and K.C. Ryan. Douglas-fire beetle attack and tree mortality following wildfire. USDA Forest Service.
Download <1MB

Hood, S.M., D.R. Cluck, S.L. Smith, K.C. Ryan. 2008. Using Bark Char Codes to Predict Post-fire
Cambium Mortality. Fire Ecology: 4(1): 57-73.
Download 1MB

Impact of fire on lichen species

Impact of fire on Arctostaphylos uva-ursi

Impact of fire on Linnaea borealis

Strategic plan for the use of prescribed fire to restore ecosystems in the Okanagan region. Blackwell & Associates and Gray Consulting 2006.
Download <1MB

Thies, W.G., D.J. Westlind, M. Loewen, and G. Brenner. 2008. A field guide to predict delayed mortality of fire-damaged ponderosa pine: application and validation of the Malheur Model. US Department of Agriculture. General Technical Report PNW-GTR-769.
Download 1MB

Vyse, Alan, Chris Hollstedt, and David Huggard (editors). 1998. Managing the Dry Douglasfir
Forests of the Southern Interior: Workshop Proceedings. April 29Ð30, 1997. Kamloops,
British Columbia, Canada. Res. Br., B.C. Min. For., Victoria, B.C. Work Pap. 34/1998
Download 1.2MB

Wildfire Managment Plan 2011 Vanderhoof District - MAP
Download 10MB

Wildfire Management Branch Strategic Plan 2012-2017. Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations.
Download 3MB

Grass Rangeland Management

Helkenber, L. and S. Haeussler. 2009. Conservation and restoration of northwest BC grasslands. Ecosystem Sciences and Management Program for Bulkley Valley Centre for Natural Resources Research & Management.
Download <1MB

Veenstra, V., and S. Haeussler. 2002. Grouse mountain post burn vegetation inventory. Prepared by Skeena Forestry Consultants for Bulkley Forest District.
Download <1MB

Veenstra, V., D. McLennan, G. Senichenko. 2002. Overview of grassland-aspen interactions in the Prince Rupert Forest Region. Prepared by Oikos Ecological Services for the Prince Rupert Forest Region.
Download 10MB

Governmental Plans

Burn Plan for Smoke Management in the Vanderhoof Forest District. 2011.

Province of British Columbia order of the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands.
Download <1MB

Vanderhoof defined forest area sustainable forest management plan. 2010.
Download 3MB

Vanderhoof land and resource management plan. File 204-20/LRMP-VA
Download 1.5MB

SERN Constitution and Bylaws


Board and Committee Compensation and Expense Reimbursement

Conflict of Interest Policy

Membership Policy

Policy On Board Composition

Riparian Restoration and Beavers

Fitch, L. 2016. Caring for the Green Zone: Beaver - Our Watershed Partner. Lethbridge, Alberta: Cows and Fish - Alberta Riparian Habitat Management Society. ISBN No. 978-0-9688541-6-7
Download 11MB

Kaffanke, T. 2016. Improving the prospects of shallow water wetlands through upland vegetation management in the Stuart Nechako Resource District. SERNbc.
Download 1MB
Download the PowerPoint 17MB

Pollock, M.M., G. Lewallen, K. Woodruff, C.E. Jordan and J.M. Castro (Editors) 2015. The Beaver Restoration Guidebook: Working with Beaver to Restore Streams, Wetlands, and Floodplains. Version 1.02. United States Fish and Wildlife Service, Portland, Oregon. 189 pp.
Download 9MB
Also, look online at: https://www.fws.gov/oregonfwo/promo.cfm?id=177175812

Why the Nature Conservancy is Restoring Streams by Acting Like a Beaver (Link)


Agencies, organizations and individuals supporting wetland conservation in BC. 2003.
Download 1MB

Bond, W.K., K.W. Cox, T. Heberlein, E.W. Manning, D.R. Witty, and D.A. Young. 1992. Wetland Evaluation Guide. Sustaining Wetlands Issues Paper Series. Issue Paper, No. 1992-1.
Download 1.5MB

Rex, J. and S. Dubé. 2006. Predicting the risk of wet ground areas in the Vanderhoof Forest District: Project description and progress report. BC Journal of Ecosystems and Management 7(2):57–71.
Download <1MB

Ross, T., M. Keefer, B. Jamieson. 2006. The development and testing of a reconnaissance level wetland assessment form on the TaTa/Skookumchuck Range Unit. Prepared for Coumbia Basin Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program, Nelson, BC.
Download 1MB

Whitebark Pine

Clason, A. 2016. Sidney Williams Whitebark pine assessments 2016. For SERNbc.
Download 1MB

McLane, S.C., and S.N. Aitken. 2012. Whitebark pine (Pinus albicaulis) assisted migration potential: testing establishment north of the species range. Ecological Applications, 22(1). 2012, pp. 142-153.
Download <1MB

Morice LRMP Implementation: Abundance of whitebark pine in mature and old seral forest stands.

Pigott, D. Whitebark pine in British Columbia: FACTSHEET.
Download 5.5MB

Pigott, D., R. Moody, and A. Clason. 2015. Promoting Whitebark Pine Recovery in British Columbia. Society for Ecosystem Restoration in North Central BC, and Ministry of Forest, Lands and Natural Resource Operations.
Download 5.2MB

Tactical Plan: Whitebark Pine in the Omineca Region
Download 7.3MB


Bunnell, F.L., K.A. Squires, I. Houde. 2004. Evaluating effects of large-scale salvage logging for mountain pine beetle on terrestrial and aquatic vertebrates. Mountain Pine Beetle Iniative Working Paper 2004-2.
Download 1.5MB

Cichowski, D., P. Williston, and S. Haeussler. 2008. The Response of Caribou
Terrestrial Forage Lichens to Mountain Pine Beetles and Forest Harvesting in the East Ootsa and Entiako Areas: Annual Report – 2007/08 – Year 7. A report to Morice-Lakes Innovative Forest
Practices Agreement, Prince George, B.C., the Bulkley Valley Centre for Natural Resources
Research and Management, Smithers, B.C., and Ministry of Environment, Prince George, B.C.
Download 3MB

McNay, R.S. 2011. Silviculture options for use in ranges designated for the conservation of northern caribou in British Columbia. BC Journal of Ecosystems and Management 12(2):55–73.
Download 1.5MB

Rapai, S. 2017. Northern Mountain Cariboo post fire habitat restoration extension. Chu Cho Environmental. Report 22000 20 SERNBC CAT14 04-07.
Download 2.8MB

Sulyma, S. 2003. Mule deer ungulate winter range (U-7-002) Report. Fort St. James Forest Distirct Omineca Region. Minsitry of Water, Land and Air Protection.
Download 1.5MB

Vanderhoof Caribou-ungulate Winter Range Forest for Tomorrow Project 2008/9.
Download <1MB

Yaremko, L. 2003. Mule deer ungulate winter range for the Vanderhoof Forest District (U-7-011) report. Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection.
Download 2.5MB


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