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Vulnerable ecosystems that also have high functional importance and are not actively managed through existing programming have a high priority for consideration by SERN.  Examples of the kinds of ecosystems we have been targeting to date include natural grasslands, some range lands, sites that support Douglas-fir, whitebark pine habitat, wetlands, berry producing areas, and areas with high fuel loading at the wildland/urban interface.  Program activities are driven by stakeholders and members of the society that bring forward project ideas that fit within the prioritization framework developed by the Board of Directors. While the ecosystems listed above have been selected as initial candidates for restoration, this does not preclude including other ecosystems or changing relative priorities in the future as more is learned about degradation, treatment options, and stakeholders values.  The process is iterative and as the program evolves, other ecosystems will be considered.  

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Project Selection Process

Potential projects are identified through a sequence of activities including First Nation and stakeholder feedback, GIS analysis, aerial photo analysis, aerial reconnaissance, and field data collection.

Potential treatment areas align with objectives in the strategic plan and specific treatments activities are matched with the desired future condition of the site.

Treatment of specific areas is done on a priority basis and the priority is based on a number of different indicators including the ecosystem functional importance, the impact on species at risk, vulnerability, costs, and other factors.

Monitoring activities are conducted to follow up on success of the treatment.

Projects - Restoration Sites

The location of ecosystem restoration projects that the society has supported in the past years are shown on the map below. Hover over then click the numbers on the map to get information on individual projects, or search for projects by project name. Some projects have been identified but not yet implemented and so less information will be available for these.

SERN current project list

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Cluculz Hardwood Conversion Trial SERN projectSavory Ridge Project Area Ruby Rock SERN Project Site Sutherland SERN project site Shallow Water Wetlands Gaius Point SERN project site Nithi Ridge SERN project sites Stuart River Park Mt. Robson Whitebark Pine Euchiniko River Grizzly Valley SERN project site Blackwater-Kluskuz SERN project site. Laidman Caribou Trial - SERN Restoration Site