Strategic Plan

A grass-roots effort to complete ecosystem restoration (ER) work within BC’s Vanderhoof Resource District was started in 2006. In support of expanding ER to the rest of the Omineca Region, the Society for Ecosystem Restoration in North-Central BC (SERNbc) was established in January, 2013. A strategic planning process was initiated in July of 2013 to provide guidance to the society overall, and in support of funding applications. The preliminary results of this strategic planning process are documented in the Strategic Plan. A summary of the plan is shown below.

Forest and land management, development and climate change will impact ecosystem structure and function. In many cases, effects are relatively short in duration, while other influences, individually or in concert, have more lasting effects. Where the impacts result in ecosystems that are no longer able to cope or respond effectively to disturbances, these ecosystems are vulnerable and could become degraded. Key to the continuing presence of healthy ecosystems is our ability to understand when ecosystems are vulnerable and to alter our management approach to foster resilience. Key to ecosystem restoration is our ability to identify degraded ecosystems and implement activities that will restore these ecosystems and their ability to provide ecological and socio-economic products and services.

The purpose of the society is to:

As described in the mission and purpose of SERNbc above, it will focus on the restoration of vulnerable and degraded ecosystems. A broad range of potential ecosystems could meet this definition. Priority Ecosystem Types that SERNbc will focus on in the coming years include:

Ecosystem restoration projects will be identified, shortlisted and prioritized based on a structured framework to ensure that investments are made in priority areas that represent the best fit with SERNbc objectives.

SERNbc will define values, objectives, indicators and targets for ER projects to support an effective understanding of the objectives of a given treatment and the monitoring of how well these objectives are being met.

As a vision for the next 5 years, SERNbc will:

In support of this vision, SERNbc will specifically address the key areas of governance and administration, partnerships, landscape level planning and a project development process in order to effectively increase the implementation of ecosystem restoration across the Omineca.