SERN BC - Society for Ecosystem Restoration in Northern BC

Saik'uz Ecosystem Restoration Plan

Post-mountain pine beetle, the impacts of salvage harvesting has cumulatively increased impacts to important environmental, cultural, and socio-economic values within the traditional territory of Saik’uz First Nation. SERNbc is collaborating with Saik’uz First Nation and Provincial representatives to develop a meaningful ecosystem restoration plan to identify degraded ecosystems and restoration opportunities that will build longer-term capacity and skills for Saik’uz members and businesses. The development of the plan is currently underway with completion expected in 2023. The plan will undertake a holistic assessment of the territory and plan restoration treatments that focus on priority objectives which may include:

  • Wildfire recovery;
  • Road rehabilitation;
  • Habitat enhancement;
  • Watershed restoration treatments; and other
  • Large-scale restoration treatments to promote and maintain healthy forests, climate resilience, biodiversity, ecosystem health and the maintenance of timber values.