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Stuart Nechako Road Rehabilitation Project

The Road Rehabilitation Project was initiated as a result of significant timber harvesting in response to Mountain Pine Beetle. Temporary roads with no current or future use were identified as candidates for rehabilitation. The primary objective was to build on the district-funded project Facilitating Road Rehabilitation Discussions in theStuart Nechako Forest District which identified temporary roads within two “pilot areas” as potential candidates for rehabilitation. These areas are located south of Francois Lake Provincial Park and southeast of Entiako Provincial Park.

Road rehabilitation candidates were identified in 2017 via desktop analysis and engagement with forest licensees, key stakeholders, and local First Nations. Significant work has been completed to develop criteria and standards to identify the candidates and to move them through the planning, field reconnaissance, and treatment prescription processes. An estimated 215 ha of road rehabilitation candidates were identified between the two project areas and prescription work was completed for 26 ha in the area south of Francois Lake. This area was significantly impacted by the 2018 Island Lake Wildfire and restoration planning is being continued via the Shovel and Island Lakes Ecosystem Restoration Planning process. Additional funding is being sought to continue the reconnaissance and prescription work for the planning area southeast of Entakio Provincial Park.


Road Rehabilitation Algorithm Final Report

Road Rehabilitation Program Francois Lake Final Report