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Grizzly Valley

This is a South facing grassland slope with unique ecosystem attributes and is also under permit as a livestock range area. Treatments have been completed for many decades under government watch and the area is also likely an example of historical indigenous anthropogenic fire. Objectives are to remove fuel build up due to dead pine,potentially expand and improve forage conditions, and maintain open grassland ecosystem attributes.

A reconnaissance level assessment was completed in 2014 by MFLNRO range staff ecologists. Generally, they found our activities were very effective at maintaining grassland conditions, that the diversity and productivity of the area was excellent, they noted that where cow parsnip is an indicator of seepage and should have trees growing where there is parsnip present, and that an interval of about 15-20 years should be suitable for re-introducing fire to maintain the open grass/meadow.


Euchiniko Sidehills and Grizzly Valley 2015 Vegetation Monitoring Summary


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Grizzly Valley 93F028 Ortho